What Is A Screencast?!?

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What Is A Screencast?

Screencasting is a way of recording your screen while narrating it.  Screencasts are most often used for tutorials.  Short and simple lessons are more appealing because no one wants to watch a fifteen minute screencast on how to upload PDFs from Notability to Google Drive.  There should be no background noise.  Your voice should be clear and audible.  While recording, there should be not distractions like sirens or side conversations. It should be easy to read the information on the screen and the font should be big enough for the viewers to see on their screen.   Assume that your veiwers know nothing at all.  Don’t skip over the small things because they may not know and then become lost.  Think of a screencast as the video version of a screenshot. Next week I will be uploading my own screencast that has something to do with the new  iOS 8.  My screencast should be the epitome of a perfect screencast.  I will create the best screencast using this checklist! It will have no background noise, short and simple and informational.  All you really need for a screencast is a microphone, a camera, and a mouse.  A rolling ball mouse is the most accurate because it is the easiest to move.  You do not want it to take a while for your cursor to go over icon. The arrow of the mouse is needed to show the viewers what you are clicking on.  On an iPad, a stylus may be helpful for writing neatly.  You can use a graphics tablet if the screen casting is taken on the computer.

iPad Apps To Make Screencasts:

No apps that allow you to record your screen for free.  There are apps that can record lessons similar to khan academy like Educreations,  Showme, and Screenchomp.  If your willing to spend some extra dough, you can purchase Screencast-o-matic or Explain Everything for 2.99.  However, you can use a Mac to mirror your iPad to your laptop and record your screen using QuickTime.  Educreation and Showme can be accessed from the internet if a student does not have an ipad.  You can also use multiple screenshots to create a slide show that is similar to a screencast.  This link will provide you with tutorials on how to create a slide show that is seamless as if it were a screencast.

Mac Or PC Tools:

You can use QuickTime that comes with the make.  QuickTime comes on the Mac.  If your interested in Quicktime and more of it’s ability click here!  If you do not have an Apple product computer, you can use this free site that offers the highest quality screen casting for free at

A perfect example of a good screencast is right here!

Linked here is a PDF with deeper details on preparing for creating a screencast.