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Step It Up With 6!

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Get the iPhone 6

The iPhone 6 was born this September.  It’s has a big brother, the iPhone 6 Plus.  Get your hands on the thinnest phone in the world.  The regular iPhone 6 is larger than the phones before it but not as big as the Plus.  The new iPhone addresses many of the problems consumers encountered with the 5S or 5C.  The screen is larger.  The battery life is improved.  The camera is very new as well.  If you are interested in the direct comparison between the two latest iPhones visit this page from Forbes. 



The camera protrudes out a little and most would assume the lens will get scratched but apple laid a sheet of sapphire glass to protect it from being scratched.   The camera app comes with filters that you can use on the pictures before you even take them.  Even with the extra inches, the phone still fits perfectly in hand.   The back of the iPhone is made of a premium metal solving the biggest issue; cracked glass!  Well on the back of the phone at least! Because metal is a material that is hard for radio signals to penetrate, they inserted rubber strips to offset that.  The power button that used to sit on the top of the phone is now moved to the right side.  It is in a perfect location to click while holding the larger phone.  The speakers are longer so that when you hold your phone horizontally, you do not cover the screen.  The iPhone 6 can be purchased in Space Grey, Silver, and Gold.  Apple designed the iPhone 6 to have a higher screen resolution.  It offers 1334 x 750 resolution; opposed to the previous phones with 1136 x 640.  The screen is so HD that it almost seems like the screen is popping out at you!  Apple designed a Health app that allows you to track your daily fitness.  You can track things like how many flights of stairs you have climbed or steps you have taken. Learn more about the iPhone 6 from Apples website here.

Touch ID

The TouchID is improved.  TouchID is the feature first introduced on the iPhone 5S.  It replaces the home button with a finger scanner.  You can add your finger to the device and it will save it.  To unlock your phone, you just have to hold your finger down.  They improved the accuracy of the TouchID.  In other countries you can used TouchID to pay for things online or anything on your phone. This is called Apple Pay. In the United States, we are not yet allowed to do that.

Keyboard Changes

There are major updates to the keyboard.  There is text predictions that suggests words you may be typing.  You can just click on the word instead of finishing to type it.  You can record your voice and it does not need time to type it.  It will automatically come up on your screen.  Most importantly, there are new emojis!  Apple has designed something new and even more advanced, yet again.  I wonder when they will run out of ideas?

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