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Chem. Is Try: An App Review on Chem.: Pro

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Chem. Pro: Chemistry Tutor is a free app for the iPad that is basically a 24/7 chemistry tutor.  On this app you can purchase separate lessons to learn.  The level of learning is very versatile.  People have used this app for their college courses as well as high school classes.

The instructors in the videos are very good and can explain everything in a simple way.  There is more than 31 hours of lessons.



Chem.: Pro is very easy to use.  It is offered on an Apple device and Androids.  It is  sold in many different countries’ app stores.

Because this app makes chemistry so easy students are more likely to learn.  A lot of students have having to convert units because it can involve a lot of steps and be time consuming.  Thankfully, the app comes with a handy dandy unit conversion calculator.

On this app there isn’t anything you need to share with others.  It is  simply an app that allows you to learn the topics in a different way than in a classroom.  If you did want to share lessons with people you could take screen shots or take notes on Google Drive and share it with fellow students. There also is not much customizing in this app.  However, you can pick and choose which lessons you want to buy.  All of the information is stored on the app so you do not have to import your own things.

Chem Pro: offers multiple lessons that have matching flashcards to use as a study tool.  It has a  periodic table at easy access so you can always look back at the table.  There is an equation sheet that allows you pull up any chemistry related equations.  It makes chemistry a lot easier and faster.  They even have a molecular mass calculator.


Overall I would rate this app a 5/5 stars.  This app is really only directed towards Chemistry/Science.  It will help reinforce information you have already learned or teach you new things.  it is an organized app that teaches you chemistry in a logical order.  It presents information in a simplified manor and helps you develop problem solving skills in this particular subject.