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Duolingo is an app that can help not just students but everyone learn a new language. They offer eight different languages to learn. However, you can use the app in a number of different languages. When I used the app, I used it to learn Italian. Duolingo also has a website that you can log on to and continue learning instead of always being on an iPad or iPod. Once you make an account, it will asks you if you want to start with learning the basics or take a placement test that will test how much you know. The placement test will allow you to skip over lessons you already know. The app teaches you anywhere from greetings and foods to business and adverbs. After completing all of the lessons you should be almost fluent in that language! There are a number of ways that Duolingo has you learn. They have you match pictures to words, type what you hear, and even speak into the app! You have lives and every time you get the question wrong you lose a life. When you are out of lives, you must start over. When you complete lessons you earn lingots. A lingot is Duolingo’s currency. Using lingots you can purchase extra lessons and learn funny things like pick up lines and idioms. You can also buy lives. The app is a great tool for teachers to use. Homework for the night can be to complete different lessons. Each lesson is fairly short and can be a good quick review before a quiz.

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