Individual Learning Endeavor

So far, my weight has not changed. I did lose weight but then eventually gained it back. I’m just glad I didn’t gain anymore weight than I started. I have to step it up. My plan is to cut out some of the things that I eat or drink that I don’t need. I stopped drinking soda years ago because it is just so bad for you. I love lemon water for the taste and its small health benifits but now I am going to start adding cucumbers. Cucumbers are great for your skin. I love lemon water because it makes me even more thirsty and I end up drinking more water. With the winter coming I need a lot more water to keep my skin and hair hydrated. I plan on cutting out my delicious French Vanilla Swirl coffee from Dunkin Donuts because it’s fattening and I can substitute the energy it gives me with a fruity smoothie. I love Kale smoothies. I want to replace my morning coffee with this smoothie recipe because it is healthier and will wake me up. The pineapples super sweet and slightly sour taste will make me feel wide awake in the morning. The kale supplies a lot of protein and vitamins. It also helps with brain development. Coconut water is low in calories and has a natural fat. It’s also very hydrating. Lately, I have been trying to stay away from salt and snack foods. Instead of eating a bag of Doritos while binge watching Desperate Housewives on Netflix, I should each carrots with low fat ranch and do strengthens exercises while I watch TV. I’m always doing ab workouts while I watch television.



mHere is a picture of my progress so far on my fitness pal!Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 10.22.15 AM

This is a short video about my goals and time frame for my Individual Learning Endeavor.

An Individual Learning Endeavor is a project created by Google.  The company assigns each employee to complete and ILE.  An ILE is a project that Google employees are supposed to spend 20% of their time doing.  It is supposed to be something you are really passionate about.  Doing something your passionate about gives you the drive to complete it.  I really wanted to do my ILE on snowboarding. Snowboarding is my passion. It is one thing I am always ready to do and have never lost the slightest bit of interest too.  I even think about it all summer long. I then realized, the winter is such a short part of a first semester course that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish much for my individual learning endeavor. My mom asked me one weekend if I wanted to do the Shakeology diet with her. That’s when I realized I wanted to get fit, healthy and lose some weight my senior year.




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