Weekly Reflection

This week at Burlington High School we had a lot of visitors. There were people here to listen to how a 1:1 school works. Most of the visitors were attending this tour to learn how to convert their school to a 1:1 school. The principle and assistant superintendent talked about the positives of having a tech savvy school and the cost, as well as the procedure. Once they were done, the Help Desk introduced ourselves to the crowd. We each talked about our Individual Learning Endeavor. We also talked about what we do as Help Desk members. Then the Help Desk divided the visitors into groups of 5-8 people. Each of us had a tour route to follow. Me and my partner, Prateek Rana walked through the school and talked about how each subject innovates the iPad into everyday learning. We stopped at Mr. Whiten’s class and he talked about the teachers’ perspective. I did most of the talking throughout the tour; however, the people in our group asked us a lot of individual questions. Our tourists asked questions about what it was like to initially get the iPad. They also asked about how we use it, if we would prefer a laptop, and how our school monitors what we do with it. All of their questions were very easy to answer. They were ones I had heard before from my parents when I first got the iPad. As we walked through the halls we saw a lot of classrooms using the iPads. I think my groups favorite part of the tour was the library. They got to see the actual Help Desk space and how students work collaboratively in a computer lab, Mac lab, and at tables with their peers. It was a little stressful to be put in the spotlight during the presentation in the beginning because I was unaware I would have to do that. Thankfully, it was only for a brief moment to talk about my ILE and why I joined the Help Desk. I loved being the tour guide because I love talking to new people about things I am passionate about. Before the tour I was worried it would be so quick and we wouldn’t have much to talk about but we actually were a little late getting back to the second half of the presentation.

The week of November 10th was very independent. Mrs. Scheffer was out and we all solved problems on our own.  A science teacher came in and needed an adapter to the projector with the new Apple chargers.  I went and found him one from someone in the Tech Department.  Students came in with wifi problems and problems with their proxies.  I worked on scripts for my screencast.  My next screencast is going to be about converting your word document to a PDF and uploading it to Notability to edit.

Throughout the second week of november I worked on my ILE.  I started working on it and found apps to help me keep track of my fitness and weight.  I also looked for different workout videos.  I set a goal for myself and started a healthy diet.  I created this short video to show my classmates what I plan on doing for my Individual Learning Endeavor.  


This was one of the most exciting weeks of Help Desk yet.  I helped our librarian download some audio books on to her laptop then on to a school iPad so that kids can take out audio books.  We all went to Mass Cue on Thursday.  It was such a great experience.  We had to opportunity to meet students from Reading that participated in a paperless classroom last year and Reading’s Help Desk Students.  It was so cool to meet them and hang out.  There were booths all over the conference that you could stop at to talk to representatives for the product.  Apple and Microsoft were there; as well as different software companies.  It was all educational technology.  There were so many 3D printers.  I even saw someone build a shoe using a 3D printer.  It was such an awesome experience, not to mention all the free stuff!  One of the coolest things I saw was a SmartBoard table.  It has 80 sensor spots so 8 kids with 10 fingers can all draw on it at the same time.   Every week I am realizing Help Desk is one of the best classes I have ever taken.  It is providing me with so many awesome opportunities and is really helping me decide what I want my future to look like.  Technology is so important in this generation and I would love to look into Software Engineering.


It is week four of Help Desk.  I finished my screencast and the company EasyBib tweeted at Mrs.  Scheffer at her telling her the video was great!  On Monday,  I helped a student with Google Classroom Issues.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 11.28.47 AM

On Monday, I took the initiative to do an app review on Find My iPhone.  Nathan tried to fix my Macbook Pro.  On Tuesday, I tried to mirror my iPad to the Mac but we could not find the Mac’s display name on my iPad’s airplay.  On Wednesday, I started to think about what I should do for my ILE.  I am planning on doing something snowboarding related but I can’t think of what yet.  That afternoon I had an appointment with the genius bar to fix my laptop.

The second week of Help Desk I accomplished more.  I finished my introduction video, which is linked here.   On Monday we were assigned a project about screen-casting.  I worked on the first step of the project, researching.  I researched what makes a good screen-cast and what apps are good for screen-casting on the iPad and computer.  A few teachers came in with issues this week.  One teacher came in asking for help about finding a French program.  It was downloaded onto her computer and she could not find it.  Another teacher came in later in the week and deleted files because he downloaded iOS 8.  He synced all of his bookmarks to his phone and computer and then accidentally deleted all of them.  We tried to recover them  but we could not.


This week in Help Desk I worked on creating my blog.  I tried multiple sites to see which ones I liked.  Wordpress was the easiest for me to use.  I added pages so that I can upload posts about TED talks, my Individual Learning Endeavor, and news on technology.  I worked on my About Me page as well.  Some students came in throughout the week with iPad issues.  We have a lot of new students this year and a lot of those students are from different countries.  One boy had the Chinese app store but needed an American app.  We all brainstormed ways to help him change to the American app store.  The problem was resolved.  A lot of students just had questions about signing into the Burlington High School wifi.  It is only the beginning of the year and lots of students have already dropped their iPads and have screens that are multicolored or blank.


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